Amazing response to ‘Meet Charlie’

I just want to say a big thanks to everyone who has been in touch regarding the ‘Meet Charlie – What is Enterprise2.0?’ presentation. Within a week of producing the slide deck and uploading it to I’ve had almost 1500 views and a whole bunch of emails from folk around the world.

So from producing a visually attractive and content rich set of slides, uploading them to a web2.0 service and sending the link out to a few people I have been:

  • contacted by CEO’s and IT managers to say they loved the slides, and now really get Enterprise 2.0.
  • contacted by numerous people from many countries just to say hi or to ask if they can use the slides
  • asked to give the presentation again at the company I work for
  • linked to by a number of blogs and sites

So this really demonstrates the power of web2.0, the opportunities it can present and the contacts it can create. What it also does is provide a glimpse into the potential of Enterprise2.0. So imagine your company has an equivalent of SlideShare installed within the firewall where everyone shares their slide decks within the organisation. If you were to post an equivalent of the ‘Meet Charlie’ presentation, and it were to be as popular, were to be linked to from employee and director blogs, were to be discussed at meetings, were to be sent round via email/messenger…’d be creating some pretty serious contacts and opportunities! Not to mention raising your profile, getting your message heard, presenting you ideas or passion to the whole company…………..This is what really excites me about Enterprise2.0…it’s fairly untapped, yet to be adopted by the masses, but bubbling with opportunity for better communication, collaboration and innovation!

I’d like to give a quick mention for Cheree Moore of Ethos 3 Communications and Presentation Revolution for providing the visual inspiration for a Meet _____ presentation.

11 thoughts on “Amazing response to ‘Meet Charlie’

  1. Graham

    Scott – this really is a great presentation. In terms of personal impact on me. I went back to my desk dusted off LinkedIn and spent a few mins thinking about expanding my network just to see what would happen. Within 24 hours I got contacted by one old colleague from a company I worked at in 80s which allowed me to connect up with an old boss. Brilliant! Not just on the personal front which is nice but this guy is now a CIO at a major bank and features as a commentator on Silicon.Com from time to time. I have the chance to now have direct one to one comms with a market influencer. How cool is that? Again – this shows if you put in effort to Enterprise2.0 you get great payback.

  2. slgavin

    Thanks for the note Graham. That’s a great story, and let’s hope it brings about some opportunity for you. It just goes to show that the old adage ‘you have to be in it to win it’ still applies in Enterprise2.0/web2.0 terms. I too must find time to dust off the social networking profiles!

  3. Frank Hamm

    Thank you for this amazing slideshow which I embedded in my blog (German, didn’t see a licence, hope it’s okay?)

    Actually I think Enterprise 2.0 is even more: It’s a question of Corporate Culture 2.0 🙂

  4. cheree

    I am so glad to hear that you are receiving such positive responses. Good luck in your continued business pursuit. Thanks for the mention!


  5. Susan Scrupski

    Dear Scott,
    On behalf of (myself?) and a few of us who have been trying to get the word out on e2.0 for some time now— thanks so much for this. Much affection and appreciation.

    p.s. I’m ashamed to admit I don’t know how to do a trackback, but you’ve been blogged at my ITSinsider site.

  6. Rex Lee

    Scott, Well done. So much of what is out there on E2.0 appeals to the academics and the technologists. You’ve created a intelligent presentation that will appeal to the masses. Kudos.


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