Charlie continues to promote Enterprise 2.0

Just over a month ago Charlie embarked on his crusade to bring Enterprise 2.0 awareness to the masses. Checking today you will see the views on have crept past the 6,000 mark. I don’t know if this includes views of the embedded version, but in any case the response has been staggering.

So why am I mentioning this again? Well I just saw this post by Caroline Gagnon of NSI Solutions in Quebec, Canada. Caroline translated ‘Meet Charlie’ to French and was today commenting on how her version has already attracted 750 views and a lot of incoming links etc.

So I’ve been pondering how to build on this. I think there is scope to drill down on specific scenario’s and examples of Enterprise 2.0. Now we have a semi-official ambassador in Charlie, I will continue to use him in future presentations.

I also want to put together a YouTube version but I don’t think the static content carries over well to video. So I’m looking to re-hash it a bit for video with some narrative and real animation. I may need help with this but watch this space……

3 thoughts on “Charlie continues to promote Enterprise 2.0

  1. Caroline Gagnon

    Hello Scott,

    Thanks again for letting me translate the slide. It’s a good idea to make a video. Let me know if I can help…Maybe with the french version.

  2. Vahid

    I have “favorited” it on slideshare, and people i’ve referred it to were all very motivated by it. It’s an effective show and a good argument.

    Thanks to you for putting it together so clearly.

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