Enterprise 2.0 Conference Coverage

Simon Revell will be attending the Enterprise 2.0 Conference next week, June 18-21. Thanks to Natalia if you are reading!

Simon will be attending in a ‘already living E2’ capacity to see what the vendors are promising, what the experts have to say and to gauge the wider take up of social software.

We are sure the conference will be a huge success and an absolute worthwhile trip to make from the UK.

It will also be interesting on a number of different fronts:

  • Will there be many old school CMS / DMS vendors there masquerading under the Enterprise 2.0 banner? We doubt it, but that’s certainly what we saw at the UK InternetWorld a few months back. There was an Enterprise 2.0 section full of firms who were no more E2 than I am a fish called Nemo.
  • What will the representation from Europe/outside the US look like?
  • How will the Andrew McAffe and Tom Davenport showdown play out?

I’ll be posting highlights from the conference, but you can also go to the Corporate Punk blog directly for Simon’s posts.

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