Bored of Enterprise 2.0?

Simon Revell is doing a good job of reporting from the Enterprise 2.0 conference. One of the key things for me is this bit:

Andrew McAfee said it right up front today in his presentation (which I’ll cover next), we get an A grade for raising awareness, but a C for “communicating results”. He’s right. We’ve all been trading on the same old tired case-studies for too long now, time to get real and start communicating where and how this stuff is actually being used, good or bad.

All the way through today I’ve had a mantra in my head, “We need to surface the case-studies.” Andrew had a suggestion, we all collaborate online and start sharing our ‘battle stories’. Good idea.

He’s right, and as someone who is into enterprise 2.0, I should focus more on the case studies and the real world implications for companies adopting social software. Thanks for the reminder Simon.

In fact he says he is getting a bit bored of enterprise 2.0 now. Well not quite, but he is bored of the coverage and the same old stuff being quoted. We need to move on from this phase and get real with how enterprise 2.0 is changing, or could change corporate collaboration.

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