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From Simon’s commenting on the Enterprise 2.0 conference I picked up on something I firmly believe in; Enterprise 2.0 technology is simple technology. The exciting thing about this stuff is that it’s not the overcomplicated, bloated technology we all have to use in big corporations today. It’s simple, purposeful, appropriate technology that gets out of the way quickly. If a feature war erupts between the current best in class vendors then we will soon be back to square one.

Oh dear. Anybody who isn’t Sharepoint is in a tough spot, and it’s a shame they’ll have to sacrifice simplicity to stay ahead. Unless they go the exact opposite direction, and (re)embrace simplicity, something that Sharepoint most definitely is not. Let simplicity be the differentiater!

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3 thoughts on “Simple Software

  1. Graham

    I was chatting to another person about this thing only this morning. The issue I see is that people have vastly differing expectations in home use vs professional use. They seem to willing embrace and accept the limitations of s/w on the web and be willing to use a suite of s/w to achieve their ends – i.e. social network, separate blog, email, instant messaging etc. Move that person into their professional environment and 9 times out of 10 they want a “complete integrated solution”. Time is money etc. So the enterprise pitched solutions always end up getting bloated.

  2. RTodd

    Is Sharepoint the killer? I have always said, it doesn’t really matter which solution set you choose. The end result, assuming similar functionality, will vary less than 10%. The key is in the execution but that takes us off track. Does Sharepoint’s Blogs and Wiki’s hold water? The answer is no, not out of the box anyway. We have done side by side comparisons with Microsoft’s products, open source, IBM, etc. Clearly, when limiting your focus to the features and functionality of a blog and wiki, SP comes up short. Now, add the integration and the additional collaborative elements and then, yes. You should be deeply worried. Especially, when utilizing the new SP Community Kit and Master Pages. Sharepoint is a collaborative framework and not just an application. Once you get past the simplicity, you will begin to see the true revolution of SP.

  3. slgavin Post author

    Good points RTodd. I think if a company where to receive independent advice around a social software strategy they might choose tools other than SP. However for many large corps it’s just going to look like the next logical step, and as has been said many times before, no-one ever got fired for buying Microsoft! So SP might corner the multinational company market, but for medium sized firms downwards, there will still be a battle to fight.

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