Enterprise 2.0 Week

I’m just finishing off a presentation about the past 12 months of work by a special interest group whom discuss the WWW. The unofficial group was formed at a large multinational, with the purpose of discussing web technology and culture with a slant on how it may apply to the company. This was on top of our day jobs.

A few months in we realized there was a term for this, Enterprise 2.0. We had already identified a few social software implementations within the company, albeit a little rouge and unofficial, and were evangelizing their use and impact. A few of us decided there was enough interest in web2.0/enterprise2.0 at the grass roots level to hold an event on the subject.

We pulled together an agenda which covered a week’s worth of unconference style events (mostly at lunch times), and even found a sponsor to pay for a couple of speakers. We podcast every meeting, keynote and presentation and made them available on an instance of Drupal, where we also convinced some thought leaders to blog for the week. We soon had a global audience and were in danger of creating a demand for ‘enterprise 2.0’ which at the time could not be met (at least not officially).

It’s a great story and as I pull together the presentation I’m starting to realize what an impact a small, unofficial interest group is having within such a large company.

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