Enterprise 2.0 Case Study…

…well sort of. This is the presentation I’ve pulled together to highlight the work of an unofficial group who explore and push web2.0/enterprise2.0 technology and culture at a global blue chip company. We started the group in July 2006 and have enjoyed a great deal of success (and enjoyment) in the year that followed. I’ve removed any references which identify the company, so sorry if some bits seem vague.


12 thoughts on “Enterprise 2.0 Case Study…

  1. slgavin

    Thanks Niall. In fact yours was one of the first E2/Social Software slide decks we saw. I think off the back of an Ark conference. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. RTodd

    Would love to see any leasons learned in the DIGWWW Event. Sounds like a great way to market and encourage participation through out the company.

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  4. Graham

    Hi Scott.

    So I’m reading this because I’m checking my RSS feeds in Outlook via attensa. I’ve contributed to the conf reports, been at the DIGWWW meetings at times, started my own blog inside the firewall and following “meeting Charlie” been an active user of LinkedIn which has led to some interesting link ups.

    As I told you yesterday I was doing a presentation on organistational structure but showed people how RSS feeds can inform them quickly of changes and news in the enterprise. DIGWWW has revolutionised how I work whatever.

  5. Nick

    I found this slideshow a unique case study because it appears digwww really gets it. They understand how all of these web 2.0 applications can integrate with each other and provide users with a better means of collaboration. It’s great to see they’re using Attensa for outlook to aggregate feeds and they should keep they’re eyes on Attensa in the near future because we’ll be releasing a variety of free readers soon. Keep on spreading the good word about enterprise 2.0!

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