Breathing new life into projects with Enterprise 2.0 culture and tools

Something that’s become key to how I approach projects now is community involvement. Successful web 2.0 sites on the Internet have been doing this for years and owe a lot of their success to embracing the end users throughout the development cycle, launch and feedback sequence. Traditionally myself and others who have led or are involved in leading IT projects have engaged a captive (identified by role rather than desire) audience at just the mandatory stages throughout the project. Just over a year and a half ago I started to use a project blog and project wiki pages, the difference was amazing. It turned a rather dull project with LOTS of PM only tasks to a more evenly distributed, fun project with real community involvement.

Any project I’m involved in outside of a large company now automatically gets the BaseCamp and Wiki treatment. However, now I’m actually looking forward to my next ‘corporate’ project to give it the full enterprise 2.0 treatment.

I guess what I’m saying is that having new tools to use can inspire you to look at your old work in a different way, and in turn breathe new life into something which had become same old same old…..

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