The Enterprise 2.0 powered project team…call for suggestions

I’m half way through writing the above white paper, or whatever you want to call it (it will be a PDF up to 12 pages). The purpose of the paper is to accompany a half day course I will be rolling out to teams who have been tasked with managing a project or set of tasks. It’s not meant to be PM training, rather a resource and guidance for teams who can benefit from using blogs, wikis, rss etc..

Is there anything you’d like to see covered? Leave a comment.

One thought on “The Enterprise 2.0 powered project team…call for suggestions

  1. Alan Crean

    What would be nice is a 2.0 solution to respecting dependancies between projects. I took a look at the list of projects a client had planned for this year, which if they did them all would have sent the share price up by 8000% on my calculations. But most are still not started. The cost of some was exorsionate and could have been curtailed if systems from others had been in place – and most were pitching for the same resource pool. It may also be worth saying that the percentage of failed/abandoned projects is proportional to employee turnover in three companies that I have worked with – but I have no publishable reason for this. 2.0 can do project management as MEET CHARLIE showed, but the bigger cost is portfolio/program management, which is still under 1.0 command and control.

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