Let us kick-start your own DIGWWW

So I’m in San Francisco from the 4th to the 7th September, speaking at the Office 2.0 Conference. The subject of the talk will be around the DIGWWW, a grass roots group who has brought social software into a global health care company.

I’ve been thinking what would be better than to go into a company in SF (small or large) for a few hours and kick start their very own DIGWWW group. It would work best for a company who currently does not have too much in the way or web 2.0 or is struggling with their current processes and systems. So any business is in scope, as almost any business can benefit from exploiting trends from the WWW.

There are many unique qualities to the DIGWWW, and we’ll set you off down the path just as we started. It will be a fun, energetic and perhaps culture changing.

So if you are part of or know of a company who would like to benefit from our experience, either email me or leave a comment!

3 thoughts on “Let us kick-start your own DIGWWW

  1. Marcel de Ruiter

    Hi Scott,

    Any chance you will be in the Netherlands in the near future? I work for a big Bank/Insurance company (120.000 people) and I have been acting a E2.0 evangelist for the past 2-3 years.

    Would love to exchange experiences…

    Best regards,


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