AT&T embracing Enterprise 2.0

Whilst the organizations I am working with are still in the early phases of Enterprise 2.0 adoption, AT&T are clearly ahead of the game.  Dr. Todd Stephens reports today that his Social Software and and Sharepoint offerings are generating so much demand he’s stopped promoting them in order to satisfy the sudden surge.

Our team is working 12 hours a day just to try to keep up with the enormous demand for our products and services. Our collaborative sites have jumped to almost 25,000 and the Social Software components have doubled in the last 3 weeks.

I spoke  to Todd a few weeks back to share experiences and views on the work we are involved in.  It was clear from our discussion that he’s done a great job in bringing Enterprise 2.0 to a massive company, and it’s also clear that the company is embracing his offerings whole heartedly.  Well done.


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2 thoughts on “AT&T embracing Enterprise 2.0

  1. Ken


    As an example of how disconnected large companies can be, my wife who works for AT&T cam home complaining yesterday because the new personal code of conduct prohibits blogging using company equipment or while on company time!

    This is the type of confusion that will be a barrier to widespread adoption of Enterprise 2.0 technologies in large corporations. More reason to agree with your post on the advantages SMBs have when it comes to deploying new technologies.


  2. slgavin Post author

    Hi Ken,

    Thanks for the comment.

    I’ve seen similar conflicting policies and guidelines in other companies. The bigger the company the harder it is to join up the thinking.

    As this code of conduct is a new one, I wonder what, if any discussion took place with the collaboration folk as this obviously flies in the face of the types of tools on offer.


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