English is my first language…

Just a note to say I know about the grammar mistakes in the Meet Charlie presentation.  As it’s becoming more and more popular I’m receiving quite a few well meaning emails offering me help with my English…..

The truth is the slides were created rather last minute and uploaded to Slideshare.net for demo purposes for a conference audience.  The success of Meet Charlie was quite accidental.  So why don’t I just replace the file with a corrected version?  Well the last time I checked  with the Slideshare.net team, I was informed this action would break all downstream links in blogs and sites.

So for now, we’ll have to live with a few errant apostrophes here and there 🙂

2 thoughts on “English is my first language…

  1. janquim

    Don’t worry! And please, don’t do anything that could break links. English IS NOT my first language (it is Catalan and second is Spanish) and I’m not very worried about few grammar mistakes. I do use your great slides (15 people aprx. have seen it in my blog) to evangelize in the company where I work and it is a very good tool even with those mistakes… by the way, I’m doing more mistakes, I promise to improve my English.

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