Why Our Recently Announced Strategy is Misguided

Here’s a good (albeit long) post from Andrew McAfee – the guy who allegedly coined the term Enterprise 2.0.  I say allegedly as I recently met someone, who knows someone, who lays his own claim to inventing the term.  Anyway, McAfee talks about a trip one of the world’s largest technology companies (IBM/Microsoft/SAP??) where he had the opportunity to learn about their blogsphere. 

He says:

On the page that listed the most recent blog posts I saw a title something like “Why Our Recently Announced Strategy is Misguided” I was a little surprised by this, and asked the team if this level of feistiness was rare, and if the people who wrote such posts found themselves in hot water. They assured me that the answer to both questions was no.

This is a key point for me.  I don’t think many large companies are at a point where a post like “Why Our Recently Announced Strategy is Misguided” would be embraced.  In fact I think it would make people feel a little uncomfortable, as it’s not the norm to go around saying exactly what’s on your mind (is it?).  I’m not saying this is a bad thing, rather that many companies have a way to go with the culture and expectations of what a thriving blogsphere brings to the table.  Some companies I know are at the point where such posts would be embraced, whereas others are trying to find their feet with how to cope with this sort of feedback.  The point is, feedback is good.  It’s just the getting used to hearing and responding to it publicly.

McAfee went on to say:

It struck me that I was looking at an excellent tool for gathering informed feedback on topics of interest. And there seemed to be a lot of cross-talk among blogs; employees were leaving comments for each other, posting in response to previous posts, etc. I try not to be a wide-eyed techno optimist, or to say “everything’s different now!” each time I see a new technology, but I do think this internal blogosphere was something new under the sun. I don’t see how a company, especially a large and geographically dispersed one, could hold an ongoing, public, open-to-all conversation about important topics without E2.0 tools.

Spot on, could not agree more!

There’s a load more to the post including wikis, prediction markets and crowd sourcing decisions.  Here it is:

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  1. slgavin Post author

    Hi Marcel – yes I always enjoy Andrew’s interesting and well thought out blog posts. I’ll look out for your comments.
    Thanks, Scott

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