Resources and links from my latest Enterprise 2.0 talk with Comptia

On Wednesday 24th October 2007 I spent an hour or so talking to folks from Comptia at their annual EEC Meeting.  At the end of the presentation I promised to post some additional links and resources on my blog – which you will find at the bottom.

I was slightly nervous about speaking to this crowd especially after watching Andrew Africa of MaintenenceNet deliver a fairly in depth session on web services to what transpired to be quite a technical audience.  However as soon as I flashed up the first slide and saw the smile on peoples faces I knew I was in for an energetic and fun session.  In reality it became more of a conversation with the audience than standard presentation delivery.  I covered Meet Charlie, described Enterprise 2.0 in action, covered some case studies, spoke about why you ‘should care’ about this new era and also discussed some of the challenges and barriers.  I really enjoyed presenting to these guys.



Presentations: Meet Charlie, Charlie Goes Mobile, An Enterprise 2.0 Case Study

Sites I referenced: Social Bookmarking:, Scuttle, ConnectBeam, Cogenz; Professional Networking:  LinkedIn, Xing; CMS & blogging: Drupal, MovableType; Wikis: MediaWiki, Confluence

Inspiration & reading: Getting Real by 37 Signals, Wikinomics, Everything is Miscellaneous, Dion Hinchcliffe

Of course there are many more resources and things to look at, but these are the ones I mentioned and promised to share.

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