Two Types of Corporate User

 A user profiling piece of work got me thinking…..

There seem to be two types of person within a corporation:

  • Type 1.0: Safe, slightly bureaucratic, long serving, process driven, organized, like granting/denying access to stuff, like tools to support their work, like document management systems, go on system/process training courses, know and quote many a TLA (three letter acronym)
  • Type 2.0: Innovative, scrappy, shorter serving, don’t like access controls, don’t like document management systems, have a tendency to ‘wing it’, like tools that get out of the way quickly, avoid system/process training courses if at all possible, like meeting people, don’t like to use TLA’s

I fit the type 2 model (for better or worse), and prefer best in class web2.0/social software tools.  Most of the type 1’s I know prefer SharePoint and stuff that integrates with SharePoint.

What type are you and which tools do you prefer?  Will the type 2’s learn to love SharePoint as it evolves?

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4 thoughts on “Two Types of Corporate User

  1. Jeremy Thomas


    I agree with you about the two types of people within an organization. I’d place myself as a Type 2, although I do use “TLA”s a lot (can’t help it, I’m a consultant after all).

    But I think Sharepoint 2007 is taking significant strides towards being more emergent and “Enterprise 2.0”. This is evidenced by it’s opening up to integration with Newsgator and SocialText (to name a few) as Susan Scrupski pointed out a few weeks ago.

    Even if it’s not Enterprise 2.0, it’s certainly a good bridging application to get traditionalists more used to the idea of open collaboration.

  2. Natalie

    I am certainly a 2.0 working in a 1.0 environment. My job revolves around Sharepoint and it can be frustrating. However, I am determined to make the best of it. I am doing a lot with xml web parts, which adds some excitement. It does not change the other issues of SP usability beyond document vaulting. My worst fear is that the 1.0s will see my site and a few others that I have improved, and put the locks on.

  3. slgavin Post author

    Natalie and Jeremy – thanks for your input. I more than agree that SP has a place in the corporation, I just hope it`s not being over sold at this stage. From what I have seen, it`s being sold as the be all and end all for Enterprise 2.0 by some people. Rather than an entry point and playing on it`s many other strengths.

    Natalie – it sounds like you are having as much fun as you can with SP. Keep it up! It would be nice to see some innovative uses and neat applications being built at the grass roots!

  4. Sam Lawrence

    We run into these “1.0/2.0” environments everyday. One half of the people we talk to have strong, negative reactions to Sharepoint and are looking for an alternative. The other half actually frame the opportunity differently. They’re not looking at it as a “Sharepoint” thing.

    They’re looking for something that can help provide a holistic looking-glass and context across their organization. They see Sharepoint as being good for document management along with their CMS. They also see their intranet as ok for simple information retrieval. But they think a lens should live across these things that can connect people together and allow them to work the way they want to so they keep their work visible and collaborative.

    To me, this is a bit of a fusion of type 1.0 and type 2.0, which is inevitable.

    Thanks for the great post!

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