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Have you seen WikiHow?  It’s a customized MediaWiki implementation tagged as ‘The How-to Manual That You Can Edit’.  I love it for the following reasons:

  • It has a very clean and neat interface
  • Recent how-to articles are shown on the left
  • A featured article takes prime position on the front page
  • Submitting an article is very nice.  You are given pre defined set of fields and the ability to add extra fields.  This ensures all how-to’s are uniform and in a familiar format.
  • When creating a new how-to it auto suggests existing content before letting you submit your own unique how-to

So what’s the deal with the corporate how-to wiki?

Well I’ve been working on a corporate wiki implementation with Andy Roberts (whom I got to know through LinkedIn, proving the service is indeed useful) and have been looking for inspiration on how to get the best from the software. 

The WikiHow version of MediaWiki has inspired me on a number of fronts.

  • A corporate how-to wiki (dedicated or part of another) would be a valuable tool
  • The clean interface really draws me in
  • The featured article with image works really well.  Producing this can be part of the wiki gardener role.
  • The article creation template keeps all how-to’s simple and readable.

So what would go in this corporate how-to wiki?

  • how to book a hire car
  • how to book travel
  • how to claim expenses
  • how to submit a ‘xyz’ report
  • how to request IT resource
  • ho to hire
  • etc, etc,

This would work especially well in a large company. 

Do you have any sort of ‘how-to’ in your company?

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2 thoughts on “Your Corporate How-to Wiki

  1. Marcel de Ruiter

    Hi Scott,

    Great suggestion. I think we do have some of these in our corporate wiki, but I guess the strenght really shows (and people start contributing) when you aggregate them via e.g. categories and presenting them on the main page. Also creating a good template is worthwhile. I love the suggestion for images (but copyright issue?).

    Some marketing (posters in lunchroom?) will also be helpful, I guess.

    Great stuff for newcomers to the company!


  2. slgavin Post author

    Marcel – I think this taking a niche use of a larger wiki and advertising it is a great approach. Give people a simple hook with instant payback into the wiki and let them discover what else it can do. So yes, get those posters up in the canteen. Run a featured ‘how-to’ on another internal news site. All hooks into your wiki.

    Images are ok, we use istockphoto etc with the appropriate licence.

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