Ok I gave in, and opened a Spock account.  When I started receiving requests to joins people’s Spock network I honestly thought it was a hoax as the name sounds like a spoof networking site.  Today after another bunch of requests I finally clicked ‘accept’ and now have an account. 


I don’t know if I will maintain my Spock profile as I do like LinkedIn, but if my core network migrates away from there what am I to do?

Does anyone have any comments on why I should use one or the other?

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  1. Jeremy Thomas


    I’m not sure what to make of Spock’s “Trust Network” either. I’d originally thought it was just a people search engine. But then I started accepting “trust” requests (including yours yesterday). I’m not sure what we gain by being in a trusted network though.

    For now I’m going to stick with LinkedIn, Facebook (although I’m more and more disenfranchised with Facebook), Spock and Twitter.

    It would be nice to have an abstraction platform that aggregates all of these networks though…

  2. slgavin Post author

    Yes, hopefully that abstraction platform will emerge….wait and see what 08 brings I think.

    I just can’t get past the name….and I’m with you on not understanding what a ‘trust network’ brings. It feels too like the linked in invite…’since you are someone I trust’….etc

    Hope the move is going well Jeremy!

  3. Andrey

    Scott, it was a good idea to join Spock for you, out of doubts 🙂

    I am sure, after I’ve checked your professional profile (LinkedIn), you’ll like very soon what’s Spock about, since most of your tags are about what Spock is gonna be!

    Yes, today it’s first of all the new (first serious?) People-Search-Engine, and this is not an easy thing alone, taking into account that today the most important search engines are still not able to perform intellectual people-search.
    So Spock is gonna be helpful on this field.

    then another cool issue around Spock is that it’s very 2.0. The search engine for global community (the whole world?), managed and powered by the same community! I think it’s really cool.

    then for your “as the name sounds like …”- just in the case you did not find it on the Web yet- SPOCK means “single point of contact (by) keyword”, that’s perfectly answers the question of your first commenter, Jeremy, about “It would be nice to have an abstraction platform that aggregates all of these networks though”.

    As far as I know, strategically Spock was born to solve this problem for us- networkers (single point of connection to all user’s social networks), apart from that’s it’s gonna solve also the On-Line Identity Crisis issue, when several pages about us have no one Global-ID to get aggregated around.

    I am convinced Spock have all the chances to become the real “Killer Application” for the Web 2.0, the project so highly desired by us, professional networkers. We’ll see. btw, if you are interested to know it better and to participate- there are two groups on the Web about Spock- “Spock Power Users” on Google-Groups, and “Spock Fans and Supporters” on Facebook. You’ll find these groups easily, if interested.

    I’ll be glad to have a chat with you, Scott, if you are interested. My references are here-

  4. slgavin Post author

    Andrey – thanks for dropping by and helping me ‘get it’. I must admit, normally I am the first to get a new app/service, but for some reason the curve on Spock has been harder to climb. I do wish there was a way to port all of my linkedin contacts directly into Spock without having to go through re-approval, but I guess this is not likely to happen. I’ll post again in a couple of weeks on what I’ve learnt about Spock and it’s place in my professional life.

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