My seven things

Prompted by Marcel and Sid:


  1. I hate corporate speak. No, I mean really hate it. Especially if you’re not the CEO. It’s a sell out to who you are.

  2. My best job was working on the beach renting out chalets. I spent 95% of my day reading books and looking at the scenery.

  3. I’ve been stabbed. Seriously, I took a knife in the leg when I was much younger.

  4. I’m not a big fan of flying. However, I don’t let it stop me and it’s getting better.

  5. I drive a van. My friends and family think I’m mad, but I like it. It’s a nice new one, small and sporty.

  6. I’m too ambitious. I get myself stressed out and worked up when I don’t achieve my goals. I’m learning to be more content without loosing the hunger.

  7. A year after leaving a bad school with bad grades, I won a national award for best business student of the year. At the time I felt embarrassed. I also won a national poetry competition when I was at the ‘bad’ school. It was a poem about the environment and it’s in a book somewhere. I’ve not written a poem since and don’t feel the urge to do so anytime soon!

At the end of these things you are supposed to ‘tag’ people you want to write up their seven things. I’ll just leave it open to anyone who reads my blog, if you want to post your own. I quite enjoyed it.

3 thoughts on “My seven things

  1. Natalie

    That is so funny about your grades. I did mediocre in my undergraduate studies, but I was also working full-time and was just immature. In grad school I killed it. Got the best assistantship on campus, had the best thesis and excellent job offer afterwards, honor society and high GPA. It was embarrassing to get that kind of attention because it seemed so out of character for me.

    A Van, eh?

  2. Daniel Siddle

    Yeah…well I’ve been shot! Not really. 🙂

    I’m with you on the corporate speak. Can’t stand it. People speak, words come out but it means nothing. They might as well just shut up and listen for a change.

    In terms of the ambition, not being promoted was the best thing that happened to me last year. Really made me assess what I thought was important. I’m still ambitious but it’s more an amibition to help people and make people’s life a little easier rather than getting ahead on the career ladder. It taking a while to redefine what success means to me though.

    I did wonder about the van as well!

  3. slgavin Post author

    Hi Natalie – Hi Sid (Daniel)

    Yes, being stabbed sounds very dramatic, but it wasn’t really that bad or as ‘street fighter’ as it sounds 🙂

    My van 🙂 It’s like this one . It’s very tax efficient when owned by my company.

    I agree with you on the ambition front. There is more to life, and I’m not really concerned about a corporate career (working for a company). I want to achieve some personal and business goals, but won’t beat myself up too much over them.

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