More ways to launch Enterprise 2.0 at your company

My recent post ‘The use of handouts when launching a site seemed to grab the interest of a few people. Simon Goh is launching an intranet and was on the lookout for launch ideas. Here are a few more we’ve used in the past.

About a year and a half ago Simon and I launched an Enterprise 2.0 effort at a global healthcare company. We started off with grand visions of doing it all online and not printing a single flyer or advert. We were saving the planet at the same time you see. The plan was to use viral marketing techniques and distribute content via the existing intranet and email system. This included edgy graphics, wallpapers, podcasts, videocasts, invites to events, launching an enterprise 2.0 related site and blog and anything else we could think of.

However we soon realised we were missing a massive chunk of the workforce. Large swathes of people in many companies interact with technology only when they need to, and when they do they stick to what they know (in this case email and a few internal news sites served up in IE).

We just had to go offline. So here are some of the things we produced:

  • Business cards (similar to above) with teaser info on the front and more detailed info on the reverse. We handed these out wherever and whenever possible. People liked them and we still see them on desks, shelves and wedged in keyboards today
  • Neschens were printed and put on display in high traffic areas (as in photo). The neschens detailed Enterprise 2.0 events and pointed to online resources
  • Posters – quick and easy, although these ones were quite edgy. Different to most posters you see in large companies. i.e. not “Climb the highest peak of success” with a picture of a mountain….yuk!
  • Handouts – these were more like quick tips on the tools
  • Speakers – we managed to secure some great speakers to inspire people with the possibilities of web2.0 in the workplace
  • Lunch 2.0 type meet-ups – to discuss blogs, wikis, podcasting, anything really

Of course this is just the start. Once you have people interested you need to back it up with the tools, support, pilots, workshops, mentoring etc. I’ll save this for another day.


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5 thoughts on “More ways to launch Enterprise 2.0 at your company

  1. Natalie

    I have found that to be very true since much of the technology is either fragmented or elective for various groups in the firm. My approach in that case is grassroots and finding opportunities to proselytize those that don’t take advantage of what is available. It is good if you are able to create a catalyst out of one E 2.0 service that speaks most directly to them. For example I am on a call right now and see that “wiki” was not mentioned in one gent’s slide on collaboration tools. I’m on it!

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