Charlie reaches 100,000

Well he did it. Meet Charlie went past 100,000 views sometime last week. Who would have thought this simple presentation on such a niche topic would be so widely viewed. Interestingly the most viewed (of all time) slideshow on is a Spanish one telling you how to create a Hotmail account, with 956,666 views…… (?)

I promised if it went past 100,000 within a year, I’d buy the beers. So if anyone is near Canterbury next week I’ll meet you in the pub.

I think it’s time Charlie moved on now….

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7 thoughts on “Charlie reaches 100,000

  1. Amit Ranjan


    I’m in for the beer as well…You’ll probably need to parcel it to me:))

    Congrats..Charlie has been an awesome experiment… indicators like favorites, embeds etc I feel are better indicators than views …and charlie has hundreds of them…

    thanks for using slideshare….

  2. slgavin Post author

    I may well send you a beer via air mail Amit 🙂 SlideShare is a great tool and I wish you all the best in its ongoing development.

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  4. Patrice Chollet

    Hey Scott,

    Congratulations! It’s a pity I’ve just moved from Canterbury, otherwise it would have been a pleasure to meet over a beer or two…



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