Explaining RSS to an End User – The Sky Plus/Tivo Analogy

[image from: http://www.flickr.com/photos/willsisti/268845126/]

With Sky Plus (UK) or Tivo (US), you can ‘subscribe’ to your favourite programs. You select subscribe and from that point forward the episodes of your favourite shows are stored ready for when you want to view them.

It’s the same with websites and RSS. You subscribe to your favourite site and the content is delivered to your RSS reader ready for when you want to consume it.

I used this analogy recently and had someone complain to me that her friend’s website was not Tivo enabled…..

2 thoughts on “Explaining RSS to an End User – The Sky Plus/Tivo Analogy

  1. Scott Lewis

    It’s amazing the kind of analogies one ends up using trying to describe RSS. I’ve been struggling in particular to find ways to describe my new RSS software. Basically, it enables an information manager to take a lot of RSS feeds, then simply combine them into new feeds for, say, different project teams, and distribute the information set as RSS or email newsletters. So, it’s like a chef cooking in the kitchen, combining raw ingredients… or like building an iTunes playlist to share with your friends … or, or, or… In the end all I can say is, check out the software. It’s at http://www.metanews.biz. Just click on the X.

  2. admin

    Hey Scott – Xenos looks pretty neat. I know lots of people who struggle to combine RSS feeds behind the firewall. I found your site a little hard to follow and to grasp how the product works, but I will check out the download.

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