Bootstrapping Online Collaboration with OneNote

Ben Gardner and team have been raising eyebrows at the global Pharmaceutical giant by combing two Microsoft products to create a neat collaboration tool. They are rolling out OneNote to their customers in conjunction with SharePoint to create…..OnePoint ! Yes, they thought of the name all by themselves.

We have combined OneNote 2007 with SharePoint 2007 to create an excellent team knowledge management tool, which we refer to as ‘OnePoint’. This implementation provides an intuitive user-friendly interface onto a SharePoint document library with automatically managed online/offline capability. In addition to this the ability to add hyperlinks, text and pictures alongside these document files adds significant value to a team – users doesn’t always have to open a document to find information.

Teams with OneNote installed are jointly accessing and working on notebooks and libraries stored in SharePoint, thus using SharePoint as a mini Amazon S3. Their data is in safe hands.

I hear from reliable sources that it’s going very well, with users requesting it across the company.

OnePoint is not only revolutionising team collaboration, but also reducing email traffic, eliminating information silos and being demanded by users of all technical ability!

Ben’s slides are on his post which detail the positioning of the product in the ‘heirachy of information’.

OnePoint: Revolutionising team collaboration

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One thought on “Bootstrapping Online Collaboration with OneNote

  1. AaronT

    Just saw this post, an interesting approach to KM for projects. Do you have any other documentation or information regarding how you integrated the 2 products? I utilize OneNote regularly as a RIM consultant in gathering and consolidating reference information, so see firsthand the capabilities inherent in the product. And SP is becoming, for better or worse, the standard for at least information collaboration and at least the entry point for intensive records management. I’d be interested in learning more of your progress and success.

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