Reactions to SharePoint session at the Enterprise 2.0 Conference

Coverage of the SharePoint session at the Enterprise 2.0 Conference on Twitter:

MS guy: “Sharepoint is between major versions, so we can’t do all we want to out of the box”

WTF squared. that Microsoft guy just said its strategy for master data management was to integrate an acquisition into Sharepoint????

MS failing dismally at showing off Sharepoint collab tools. IBM totally ate their lunch.

Watching MS demonstrate SharePoint in an ‘out of the box’ manner…seems very slow and not as intuitive as Lotus Connections

Watching Sharepoint suck … LIVE! … Enterprise 1.1 FTW!

Sharepoint showing old fashioned activity feed: “Send me a portal link when the official HR info about a direct colleague is updated”

This Sharepoint walkthrough makes we want to weep for people in companies where IT are walking zombie-like towards the product. Really.

Ouch!  I think the problem is that Microsoft’s aggressive marketing at the Enterprise 2.0 / online collaboration market is up against some pretty slick solutions from other vendors.  It’s not that SharePoint is bad all round, but they’ve have been pitching it too high and wide.

10 thoughts on “Reactions to SharePoint session at the Enterprise 2.0 Conference

  1. Sid

    I think anyone who uses SharePoint realises straight away that it sucks large style at social computing. Out the box it is rubbish at it. It requires really heavy customisation and re-skinning before it resembles anything E2 like.

    Saying that I’ve seen it do good when it comes to collaboration.

    I personally still have a love hate relationship. I would love to be able to get my hands properly on some of the other kit.

  2. slgavin Post author

    Yes their strategy will be to buy up features and roll them in. Some of the recent integrations I have seen look ok, but I wonder what it will end up looking like?

    Good old MS, always good for conversation!

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  5. Natalie

    Looks like I haven’t missed much being away from SP for a few months. My biggest complaint was that it still is very web 1.0, out of the box anyway. Funny that we now have to use the term web 1.0 to differentiate from 2.0, at least next we get semantic web, but not as catchy of a term.

  6. denz

    Sharepoint is a simple out of the box solution for people who are trying to get some type of corporate use of new technologies.

    You can find a good wiki solution, you can find a good portal solution, you can find great blog tools, you can even find some basic document management systems, and if need be you can find basic workflow tools.

    But when your in a company that uses none of those tools and you want to start to offer all of them integrated together into one, please tell me a product better than Sharepoint. For our company going from having none of those tools and trying to slowly drag people into a more interactive communication and learning enviornment, sharepoint is not a perfect solution but it sure is going in the right direction.

  7. slgavin Post author

    Denz – agreed, it’s heading in the right direction. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against SP, in fact it’s something I often recommend to customers. I am however against all the SP BS that some people spout claming it is the answer to everything. Customers need to know what they are getting, and be realistic in what they expect to do with it out of the box.

  8. Ephraim

    On a practical note, what are the minimum resources needed for a solid MOSS installation? I work for an international nonprofit based in the US. We have 300 stafff, no .NET development capacity in-house and will have to rely on consultants for any major customization and skinning. Can we afford MOSS?

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