Are you still an Enterprise 2.0 Evangelist?

So what’s been keeping me from blogging lately?

It’s been a funny, yet exciting couple of months.  On the good side things, I have been really busy working on some very exciting projects.  One such project is managing the redevelopment of an Enterprise 2.0 start-up’s product interface.  They have a great product and great team, yet the existing interface just wasn’t cutting it in this 2.0 world.  The project has been challenging but great fun.  We are in week 7 of 10, after which I’ll do a post and screen cast on the entire project.  It will make a great case study and I’ll be proud to show off the new interface.  The company is

Another thing keeping me busy is the Web 2.0 University launch in the UK.  On the 30th September, Dion Hinchcliffe will bring the first ever Web 2.0 Executive Bootcamp to London.  I’m working with Dion on the logistics and promotion.  Full details are here:

What about the not so good things?  Well, as I took a short break in conference attendance and speaking, I increased my consumption of online information.  As a result I think I overdosed on Enterprise 2.0 topics, opinions and write ups.  I started to get just a bit tired of all the SharePoint BS (which it really is), over inflated egos and brash opinions from those on the sidelines.  I guess I suffered overexposure to the echo chamber.  As a result I decided to bury myself in implementation and business development.

I’m now emerging from the other side and will resume normal service.  I’m more passionate about Enterprise 2.0 and Web 2.0 than ever.

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