Social Media Monitoring and Switched on Support

Is your company monitoring what’s being said about your brand/services on the internet?  Are they doing anything when they see a conversation concerning your product or service?

Some are and although I’ve seen a few examples of this lately I just had to mention this one.

I’ve been having some grief with my broadband connection lately and had a bit of a whinge on Twitter about it this morning…

I’m so fed up with my ADSL….it’s back down to 100k today which makes work very hard…PlusNet are not much help, just say it’s a BT issue

A few hours later and a message to me from PlusNet appears in my Twitter stream…

@slgavin, have you got a ticket id so I can take a quick look over your account?

And a few minutes after that…..

@slgavin Found your account (i think), fixed an issue, can you reboot modem or router and speeds should be faster.

And it was fixed!  So how about that for an example of how to monitor and act on conversations taking place about your brand or service!
Kudos and thanks to PlusNet.

4 thoughts on “Social Media Monitoring and Switched on Support

  1. Harry Wood

    It could even make sense to identify opinion shapers, e.g. people who have a lot of twitter followers, and give them a better-than-normal service, so that these people who say things loudly, will only be saying good things about your brand.

    …but then this will beg the question: Can somebody get better services for free, by grumbling about everything through lots of different channels? 🙂

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