A Social Media Firestorm

If you need proof that a) Twitter (actually social media in general) is not just for IT geek guys, and b) that it’s a powerful buzz monitoring and customer engagement tool, look here….

There’s a firestorm on Twitter about the advert below from Motrin which seems to have offended a whole bunch of people. Whilst I don’t really get why it’s kicked up so much fuss you can’t ignore the social media powers at work, especially all brand owners and PR folk out there.

Josh Bernoff sums up the whole saga very well:

By now you may already have heard about the Motrin Moms saga. In a nutshell:

  • Motrin put the ad you see above on its Web site. First mistake — the ad is wrong. Since my wife is affiliated with La Leche League, an organization that supports breastfeeding, I can tell you that if wearing your baby hurts your back or neck, you need positioning help, not Motrin. And moms who care about parenting are exactly the wrong people to offend in your ad — they talk!
  • Pissed off moms start a firestorm on Twitter (#motrinmoms is trending), followed by hundreds of blog posts. Notable ones include David Armano at Logic & Emotion, with a very complete early analysis, and Sarah Evans on Mashable, with advice on what to do next. And this satirical view is amusing.
  • A Facebook group attracts hundreds (in one day) requesting a Motrin boycott.
  • Johnson & Johnson takes Motrin.com down. Unfortunately, this stuff lives on the Internet forever.
  • Inevitably, the controversy pokes its way into the traditional media, in this case Forbes. And the parenting blog of the New York Times.

One thought on “A Social Media Firestorm

  1. Barthox

    There’s what happens when:

    1. you don’t do your market research right (they should have learned about the bad positioning hurting the back!)

    2. you don’t understand or know of the revolution that the Net has gone through lately!

    Way to go J&J!

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