Launching Microplaza – Digg over Twitter?

Over the past 2 months I’ve been working with the Knowledge Plaza team to launch a new Twitter service.

This week we launched the beta of MicroPlaza.  The service looks at Twitter and extracts all the shared URLs and presents them as thumbnails with associated tweets.  It does this for your personal timeline as well as the public timelime and will allow you to sort items by popularity or date.  You can read a more concise overview of what we’ve built on SitePoint or ReadWriteWeb.

The idea first came about just before Christmas 08 when a few of the guys realised that Twitter was becoming a kind of discovery engine for finding websites, photos or other web based resources.  We wanted a way to extract these is a visually pleasing way based on your network or the network of a chosen user.  Hence MicroPlaza was built.

I’ve been using the full service for a few weeks now and something interesting is happening.  I find myself heading for MicroPlaza in place of Digg for my dose of news/discovery.  I’m not saying MicroPlaza is going to relace Digg or become as popular (we can hope), but finding new stuff from the people you follow is definately addictive!

Soon I’ll post about the some of the challenges and insights from developing the app.

For now here are some invites!

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