New Whitepaper on Enterprise 2.0

Whatever Company have released a new whitepaper with participation from Sun Microsystems on Enterprise 2.0 titled ‘Using Enterprise 2.0 to prepare for recovery’. My name is even at the end as a UK contact, so for that reason alone I encourage you to download it 🙂 Download the full pdf here.

Executive Summary
The current circumstances and challenges are unparalleled in recent times. Changes in business culture are accelerating to satisfy the individual demands of customers, employees and collaborators.

In recent years Web 2.0 technologies have facilitated individual participation in generating web content and reflect a demand from internet users and at the same time acting as a catalyst for further empowerment. Enterprise 2.0 covers the deployment of these technologies for collaboration and knowledge management within the organisation.

Organisations that have already embraced Enterprise 2.0 find it contributes to many if not all areas of their business including; improved employee, customer and supplier relations; enhanced resource management and cost containment; marketing edge and perhaps most importantly innovation.

The increasing value of knowledge amid capital devaluation highlights the need for a culture change embracing the key business drivers of an organisation; their customers, markets and resources.

Enterprise 2.0 can provide solutions to enhance the performance of these key business areas, using tools that can be easily tested and verified for their Return on Investment.

2 thoughts on “New Whitepaper on Enterprise 2.0

  1. Scott Davis

    SG – I’d really love to read and circulate your white paper. One small suggestion: in the spirit of web2, don’t require registration. You’ll get much more circulation of your ideas within the community. And, that’s the point of web2/ent2 after all.

  2. Scott Gavin

    Hey SD – thanks for the comment, and yes I do agree with you regarding the spirit of E2.0. Let me feed that back to the guys at Whatever Company.

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