Oracle on Enterprise 2.0

In the middle of what has been a mucho busy few weeks, Oracle release a whitepaper titled ‘Enterprise 2.0, Driving Creativity, Productivity and Collaboration‘.  It’s a solid piece of  research with stats and quotes to make any E2.0 evangelist smile.  In fact after being interviewed for the research I get 5 or 6 quotes in the paper which is very nice.

The paper is floated under the view that current “Workplace Technology is Hindering Business Productivity and Collaboration” which after spending some time recently back in big Pharma and seeing how SharePoint is being abused I tend to agree.
Some key points from the research are:
  • The average worker spends over an hour (61.55 minutes) a week locating documents or files either from e-mail, personal folders or in the company / shared file servers
  • People waste 74 minutes a week copying, pasting and re-entering the same information into different documents
  • 80% of workers use their e-mail to store information and files
  • 96% are open to the introduction of new technologies to help make their working practices more efficient
  • In the past, 44% found insufficient training was a barrier to adopting these new technologies, while one third (35%) did not find them simple or intuitive to use
  • 40% of social network users say they are easier to use than workplace software

Download the pdf here.