Introducing Pocket Pound

I’ve been deliberately quiet on this topic, but now it’s time to put it out there!  A few months ago a friend and I (both parents to young children) were discussing how the financial education given to 4-11 yr old’s just wasn’t cutting it.  We also both agreed that kids should understand savings, interest, debt and alike at a young age while having fun.  It was from this conversation we came up with the concept of Pocket Pound.  We spent the next few month (evenings mainly) creating a pocket money management book that incorporated the main concepts of good money management.  After the trials and tribulations of print design and outsourcing production to China, we finally received the first 1,000 this week.  I’ll write about the ups and downs of creating a physical product and our aspirations and plans in later blog posts, but for now I simply present you with Pocket Pound.

If you’d like to order a copy just leave a comment and I’ll send you a 50% off coupon code.

Pocket Money Management with Pocket Pound



3 thoughts on “Introducing Pocket Pound

  1. Sam Kidd

    Nice idea and the website looks great. just wondering why you didn’t decide keep to keep it all web based. This would have helped avoid all the printing and cost issues there. Plus most kids now our so computer savvy. You could still have had the printing designs done but make them PDF’s so the printing costs sit with the users.
    Anyhow that’s just my 2 cents, nice work.

  2. slgavin Post author

    Thanks Sam, and thank you for the feedback. Yes we did think about that but there are already online/app based tools for that. Really it came down to a combination of wanting a physical product that kids can hold onto and carry around as well as having something that parents/grandparents (no matter what technical background they have) can use the product with the children.

    Just followed you on Twitter 🙂

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