An observation about Enterprise 2.0

Having not been following the enterprise 2.0 ‘scene’ for some months now, (other than glancing at  headlines in my Google Plus stream), today I decided to go through my E2.0 RSS feeds.  My observation?  Nonsense!  It seems all I loved about enterprise social software has been replaced with a mountain of corporate jargon, complex terminology and crazy theories about the ‘DNA of crowds’ etc etc…

I’m pretty sure there still exists a simple and inspiring social software movement, it’s just a shame that it’s being talked up by all the marketing types who benefit from selling complexity.

I’ll have to see if I can reduce it down again like I did with Charlie back in the day…..(2006, oh my…)

3 thoughts on “An observation about Enterprise 2.0

  1. slgavin Post author

    Maybe we are looking back through rose tinted glasses 🙂 However when you look around and examine other young product verticals I’m sure we will see similar ‘over-complication’ around the same time as growth. One breeds the other, just not sure which way round it goes!

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