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My bookmarks for March 11th

These are my links for March 11th:

  • – McAffee asks: What is most important for success with Enterprise 2.0? Some suggestions: Tools are intuitive and easy to use, patient and dedicated evangelists exist,  people are trusted, there is pent-up demand for better information sharing.
  • – Great application. You clip stuff from the web, documents, photos etc and they are synchronised between your pc and the web. You can then access them wherever you are and even on your mobile. Watch the video as my summary does not do it justice.
  • The world’s 50 most powerful blogs – The Guardian (UK Newspaper) has published this list of the world’s 50 most powerful blogs. I have no idea how they thought up the list as some are very questionable. A few discoveries for me in there.

The use of handouts when launching a site

Using a few traditional communication and advertising methods can be extremely effective when launching a new site or service.

I recently pre-launched a site for a medical research organisation to collaborate and organise their activities. The site introduces the users to many new concepts such as blogging, commenting, file sharing and most importantly a shift away from a reliance on email.

I thought it was important to introduce them to the site gradually and not overwhelm them with a massive feature list. So I decided to produce a series of tri-fold handouts (as above) to give out both in person and in the mail. As soon as I produced the first one, folded it and had it in my hand, I realised you just can’t beat something visual and tangible like this. That’s why magazines and books won’t die out anytime soon. I’m backing this up with some online material, but I just don’t think you can beat handouts. This is especially true when you are working with an audience new to online collaboration.

My bookmarks for January 15th

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My bookmarks for December 13th

These are my links for December 13th:

My bookmarks for December 5th

These are my links for December 5th:

My bookmarks for November 21st

These are my links for November 21st:

  • – Love the title: If It Looks Like a Cow, Swims Like a Dolphin and Quacks Like a Duck, It Must Be Enterprise Software
  • SharePoint 2007: Pointedly unskinnable ~ Authentic Boredom – Sharepoint – don’t espect it to look pretty! generic cialis 5mg Lots of discussion on this post
  • – From the Wikinomics blog: When large organization move to Enterprise 2.0 will they build, buy, or open source? Things for you to consider!