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Getting started with the corporate wiki

I’ve already covered some of this in my last post It’s not always obvious, but a friend who works in local government IT recently asked me “how do you get started with a wiki?” He has just installed an instance of MediaWiki for his department, and is faced with ‘blank page syndrome’. So here are a few ways I hooked into the corporate wiki and in turn inspired others follow suit:

  • A personal bio describing who I am, what I do and links to current work/involvements
  • A link to the personal bio in my email signatures and presentations
  • Meeting agenda’s (link sent with invite)
  • Meeting minutes
  • Project outlines
  • Project landing pages (or shop fronts) linking off to all project resources/info
  • Status reports
  • Definitions of work
  • Definitions of systems
  • There’s lots more, but you get the idea…

The personal bio was the catalyst for my rapid wiki take-up. Having links to blank pages for things I am working on really got the ball rolling and provided the starting point I personally needed. It also helped me get a lot more organised (which there is always room for).

I think this post will get renamed ‘Getting started with corporate wikis part 1’ as there are loads more examples I can drill down on, but for now I hope that helps you Toby!