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e-Learning Strategy Guide and Template

A quick note to promote the free e-learning strategy guide and template I produced at ASA Interactive.  It’s targeted mainly at training companies but could also be interesting for internal training departments.

Our free E-learning Strategy Guide and Template includes advice and examples for training providers looking to explore more info

e-learning as part of their service offering. Content and examples include: * Vision & Aims * Technology Uses/applications * Content * People * Training & Support * Promotion * Return on Investment * Implementation Plan

e-learning strategy template

My bookmarks for August 9th

These are my links for August 9th:

  • OmCollab – MIKE2.0, the open source methodology for Information Development – omCollab is a powerful, Enterprise 2.0 collaboration product completely built on open source software. It provides a web portal environment to create, share and search Microsoft Office content, files, shared bookmarks, blog posts and wiki articles across the enterprise.omCollab integrates some of the most powerful open source software applications into a single collaborative environment. It enables organisations to drive innovation, collaboration and community building.

    omCollab is a composite of a number of different products that provide a solution for collaboration. omCollab is used to provide the collaborative environment for MIKE2.0. – from Andreas

My bookmarks for May 19th

These are my links for May 19th:

  • Hershey Forms Social Network for Scientists – Simon continues to rock E2.0! In 2006, employees of global pharmaceutical company Pfizer began blogging, thanks to the work of Simon Revell, the company’s manager of Enterprise 2.0 technology development.
  • IT Pros Called Upon to Leverage Web 2.0 – Enterprise demand for IT professionals capable of working in the Web 2.0 world is growing as more and more firms call upon this technology to address problems facing their information systems. Go on be a business hero!

My bookmarks for May 12th

These are my links for May 12th:

My bookmarks for April 29th

These are my links for April 29th:

  • Razorfish CEO joins new AV venture – Austin Business Journal: – Enterprise Software Gets Sexy Again: Austin Ventures has bet $50 million on top Razorfish executive Jeffrey Dachis to create a social networking platform for corporations.
  • twistori – This is a very impressive and unique Twitter visualisation. Another example of people building interesting and original products from APIs

My bookmarks for March 11th

These are my links for March 11th:

  • – McAffee asks: What is most important for success with Enterprise 2.0? Some suggestions: Tools are intuitive and easy to use, patient and dedicated evangelists exist,  people are trusted, there is pent-up demand for better information sharing.
  • – Great application. You clip stuff from the web, documents, photos etc and they are synchronised between your pc and the web. You can then access them wherever you are and even on your mobile. Watch the video as my summary does not do it justice.
  • The world’s 50 most powerful blogs – The Guardian (UK Newspaper) has published this list of the world’s 50 most powerful blogs. I have no idea how they thought up the list as some are very questionable. A few discoveries for me in there.

My bookmarks for January 15th

These are my links for January 15th: