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Transparent reporting on project progress

I’m a big fan of two things, simplicity and transparency.  I’ve worked on a few projects lately where communication to stakeholders could have been both simpler and more transparent.  However, such is the corporate world that those responsible for projects often feel more comfortable hiding behind complex and vague status reporting.  It means it is harder for the customer to pin down any failings or to confidently challenge areas they feel might not be going so well.

I much prefer to be completely open about how projects are progressing and if possible provision a ‘live’ status report for customers of stakeholders to pull whenever it suits them.  If something isn’t going so well, lets just address it and move on, not hide behind complexity.  That’s why today I was really impressed when I stumbled across the Inside Government project progress page.

Inside Government

By 2014, websites of all government departments and many other public bodies will be merged into the Inside Government section of Some have already moved, and more will be joining soon.

I love the simple dashboard style, open reporting and clean way progress is being presented.  I’d love to do something similar in my next big project.

See the page here:  Inside Government – GOV.UK.

Does anyone else have any more good examples of project status reporting like this?