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Reactions to SharePoint session at the Enterprise 2.0 Conference

Coverage of the SharePoint session at the Enterprise 2.0 Conference on Twitter:

MS guy: “Sharepoint is between major versions, so we can’t do all we want to out of the box”

WTF squared. that Microsoft guy just said its strategy for master data management was to integrate an acquisition into Sharepoint????

MS failing dismally at showing off Sharepoint collab tools. IBM totally ate their lunch.

Watching MS demonstrate SharePoint in an ‘out of the box’ manner…seems very slow and not as intuitive as Lotus Connections

Watching Sharepoint suck … LIVE! … Enterprise 1.1 FTW!

Sharepoint showing old fashioned activity feed: “Send me a portal link when the official HR info about a direct colleague is updated”

This Sharepoint walkthrough makes we want to weep for people in companies where IT are walking zombie-like towards the product. Really.

Ouch!  I think the problem is that Microsoft’s aggressive marketing at the Enterprise 2.0 / online collaboration market is up against some pretty slick solutions from other vendors.  It’s not that SharePoint is bad all round, but they’ve have been pitching it too high and wide.

Free Platinum Pass to the Enterprise 2.0 Conference in Boston

The kind people organising the Enterprise 2.0 conference have released one FULL PLATINUM PASS (worth $2,195.00) and one $100 OFF DISCOUNT (or a free Demo Pavilion pass- unlimited) code for me to give away.

I’m not attending the conference this year (boo hoo) as I just can’t free up the time at the moment. However, Simon Revell will be there speaking about the work we did at Pfizer and of course the Meet Charlie franchise. It looks like it will be even better than last year with more case studies and more analysis around exactly what is happening in the E2.0 world. Air fares and accommodation in Boston are quite reasonable at the moment so it’s a great time to go.

If you’d like either of the tickets (for you or a friend) please leave a comment answering the following question:

Q: What event am I organising with Dion Hinchcliffe on the 30th September in London?

The first person to answer correctly gets the FULL PLATINUM PASS, and the next gets the $100 OFF DISCOUNT.

Good Luck.

Web 2.0 University is coming to the UK!

I’m pleased to announce the Web 2.0 University is coming to the UK!  I’m working with Dion Hinchcliffe to bring the Web 2.0 Executive Bootcamp to London on the 30th September 2008.


The Web 2.0 University is a collection of one-day courses developed by Dion Hinchcliffe and O’Reilly Media (the firm that coined the term Web 2.0).  The deliveries are deliberately aimed at the management to executive level, to provide a thorough overview of the topic and explore the many ways Web 2.0 can transform business.

So get your IT & business management to attend.  They’ll come back educated and inspired to adopt Web 2.0 approaches!

It’s a great pleasure to be working with Dion and the Web 2.0 University team.  It’s also a good thing for the UK as this part of Europe is often overlooked when it comes to topics such as Web 2.0 and business innovation. 

I’ll be posting more information as we start the marketing, but I wanted you guys to be among the first to know!

Event site: http://www.web2uni.co.uk/

Resources and links from my latest Enterprise 2.0 talk with Comptia

On Wednesday 24th October 2007 I spent an hour or so talking to folks from Comptia at their annual EEC Meeting.  At the end of the presentation I promised to post some additional links and resources on my blog – which you will find at the bottom.

I was slightly nervous about speaking to this crowd especially after watching Andrew Africa of MaintenenceNet deliver a fairly in depth session on web services to what transpired to be quite a technical audience.  However as soon as I flashed up the first slide and saw the smile on peoples faces I knew I was in for an energetic and fun session.  In reality it became more of a conversation with the audience than standard presentation delivery.  I covered Meet Charlie, described Enterprise 2.0 in action, covered some case studies, spoke about why you ‘should care’ about this new era and also discussed some of the challenges and barriers.  I really enjoyed presenting to these guys.



Presentations: Meet Charlie, Charlie Goes Mobile, An Enterprise 2.0 Case Study

Sites I referenced: Social Bookmarking: Del.icio.us, Scuttle, ConnectBeam, Cogenz; Professional Networking:  LinkedIn, Xing; CMS & blogging: Drupal, MovableType; Wikis: MediaWiki, Confluence

Inspiration & reading: Getting Real by 37 Signals, Wikinomics, Everything is Miscellaneous, Dion Hinchcliffe

Of course there are many more resources and things to look at, but these are the ones I mentioned and promised to share.

If anyone wants to connect with me you can find me here on Facebook or here on LinkedIn.


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Something fresh at the Office 2.0 conference

News has already been broken by Simon, Susan and Niall, but here I am to say it’s official – the CorporatePunk and I will be speaking (and more!) at the Office 2.0 conference in San Francisco, 5-7 Sept.

It’s billed as one the dates, if not the date, for the Enterprise 2.0 community and I have to say I’m really looking forward to being there.

Most of you are probably familiar with the DIGWWW story of how a group of passionate users are embracing and leading the way in Web 2.0 adoption behind the firewall at a global drugs giant. We will talk about the highs, the lows, the challenges, what we are doing now and how similar groups can find their voice at ANY company.

I’ll also cover the amazing story of how and why I produced Meet Charlie, what the reaction has been, what it’s meant to me and what the future holds for the web 2.0 powered super hero himself.

Also, keep an eye out for a very exciting announcement and offer for a yet to be selected company in SF.

Thanks to Ismael and Susan for the invites, the hype and making it possible.

Oh – and here’s a public apology to my wife and kids for canceling the family holiday to attend the conference. Sorry! 🙂

Simple Software

From Simon’s commenting on the Enterprise 2.0 conference I picked up on something I firmly believe in; Enterprise 2.0 technology is simple technology. The exciting thing about this stuff is that it’s not the overcomplicated, bloated technology we all have to use in big corporations today. It’s simple, purposeful, appropriate technology that gets out of the way quickly. If a feature war erupts between the current best in class vendors then we will soon be back to square one.

Oh dear. Anybody who isn’t Sharepoint is in a tough spot, and it’s a shame they’ll have to sacrifice simplicity to stay ahead. Unless they go the exact opposite direction, and (re)embrace simplicity, something that Sharepoint most definitely is not. Let simplicity be the differentiater!

Read more over here.

Bored of Enterprise 2.0?

Simon Revell is doing a good job of reporting from the Enterprise 2.0 conference. One of the key things for me is this bit:

Andrew McAfee said it right up front today in his presentation (which I’ll cover next), we get an A grade for raising awareness, but a C for “communicating results”. He’s right. We’ve all been trading on the same old tired case-studies for too long now, time to get real and start communicating where and how this stuff is actually being used, good or bad.

All the way through today I’ve had a mantra in my head, “We need to surface the case-studies.” Andrew had a suggestion, we all collaborate online and start sharing our ‘battle stories’. Good idea.

He’s right, and as someone who is into enterprise 2.0, I should focus more on the case studies and the real world implications for companies adopting social software. Thanks for the reminder Simon.

In fact he says he is getting a bit bored of enterprise 2.0 now. Well not quite, but he is bored of the coverage and the same old stuff being quoted. We need to move on from this phase and get real with how enterprise 2.0 is changing, or could change corporate collaboration.

Enterprise 2.0 Conference Coverage

Simon Revell will be attending the Enterprise 2.0 Conference next week, June 18-21. Thanks to Natalia if you are reading!

Simon will be attending in a ‘already living E2’ capacity to see what the vendors are promising, what the experts have to say and to gauge the wider take up of social software.

We are sure the conference will be a huge success and an absolute worthwhile trip to make from the UK.

It will also be interesting on a number of different fronts:

  • Will there be many old school CMS / DMS vendors there masquerading under the Enterprise 2.0 banner? We doubt it, but that’s certainly what we saw at the UK InternetWorld a few months back. There was an Enterprise 2.0 section full of firms who were no more E2 than I am a fish called Nemo.
  • What will the representation from Europe/outside the US look like?
  • How will the Andrew McAffe and Tom Davenport showdown play out?

I’ll be posting highlights from the conference, but you can also go to the Corporate Punk blog directly for Simon’s posts.

Wiki Wednesday – April 2007

I presented at Wiki Wednesday last week. The event was good and was at Microsoft’s HQ in Soho. I gave the presentation at the bottom of an emptied out swimming pool which was a bit surreal! Here’s a write up which appeared on Technorati and here is the actual presentation.