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It’s the culture. Technology is secondary.

I’m not sure whether I have explicitly covered this before, so I wanted to get something in here to tell you where I stand on the technology front. To me enterprise 2.0 is about facilitating the collaboration and innovation of a workforce. We use technology to help us do so, but the base building blocks of a collaborative and innovative workforce is culture. To me the technology is great, but without a solid understanding of the culture you are looking to develop, you will not get the best out of social software.

As the Enterprise 2.0 conference concludes this week I hope any organization going away to implement social software will also address the culture they wish to develop. A culture of; open information, encouragement of published content, loose control around what is published, letting your intranet evolve rather than force it in any direction, allow everyone to have their say and provide them with the ability to publish content, save laying down policies etc and let the common sense of your workers prevail, leading by example (that mean as the boss you need to use the tools too).

Introducing wikis, blogs, bookmarking, tagging etc will not transform your company overnight and by itself. The culture needs to be developed at the same time.