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Charlie reaches 100,000

Well he did it. Meet Charlie went past 100,000 views sometime last week. Who would have thought this simple presentation on such a niche topic would be so widely viewed. Interestingly the most viewed (of all time) slideshow on slideshare.net is a Spanish one telling you how to create a Hotmail account, with 956,666 views…… (?)

I promised if it went past 100,000 within a year, I’d buy the beers. So if anyone is near Canterbury next week I’ll meet you in the pub.

I think it’s time Charlie moved on now….

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When SlideShare Meets MediaWiki

I’m a big fan of both SlideShare and MediaWiki so was pleased to learn of a MediaWiki extension to embed your slide shows straight into a wiki page. 

Now that SlideShare has private sharing, this means you can embed company slides in the corporate wiki without making them public to the wider world.

I’m still waiting (hoping) for Jonathan Boutelle to announce a true behind the firewall version of SlideShare, but for now this will keep me happy 🙂  Actually on that note, we were looking at building a SlideShare type tool within SharePoint….I’ll have to check up on what happened with that.

See Jonathan’s blog for more details.

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Charlie Goes Mobile – Enterprise 2.0 on the road

From the description on Slideshare:

A conversational follow up to Meet Charlie – What is Enterprise 2.0?  This slide show is being used to engage commercial sales departments in dialogue around the use of Enterprise 2.0 tools and data on the road.

I needed a conversational piece to strike up ideas and conversations with commercial sales folk.  With the roll out of hybrid PDA/Mobile devices, and the success of the iPhone and associated optimized web applications, I want to explore what’s around the corner for the Enterprise 2.0 powered road warrior.

Although only his second, this could be Charlie’s last official appearance as Mr Enterprise 2.0, but we’ll have to see.