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Rely on Twitter as a communications medium at your peril

For 7 days now I have been unable to access Twitter along with countless other poor souls to be found here  http://support.twitter.com/groups/32-something-s-not-working/topics/115-can-t-login/articles/140972-i-see-an-error-message-robot-or-whale-image-after-logging-in-known-issue

When I log in I see the fail whale. The sad thing is I can’t even Tweet about it. It’s also ironic that I would normally tweet this blog post. I am also unable to use the Twitter functionality of Flipboard, Storify, Microplaza and all the other apps that integrate with my Tweet stream. As for Twitter support for end users or anyone else other than a celeb or developer with API access, well it doesn’t seem to exist.

Can someone please Tweet this for me?

I like Twitter…but…

…I find myself agreeing with this excerpt from http://beyondgrowth.net/social-criticism/social-media-moving-towards-a-brave-new-world/ .

Twitter is a Little Bit Distracting

One place where thousands of people have taken this to heart is the social network known as Twitter.  Twitter is a social media site where users can post short, 140 character messages known as tweets that their friends can receive notifications of.  Twitter allows users to follow individuals, and corporations in what often amounts to an overwhelming flood of interesting information.   No other social media site promotes the sheer amount of information enjoyment than twitter does.  People often become addicted to twitter, constantly refreshing looking for new blog posts to read, or tweeting to famous (or twitter-famous) people in the hope that will receive replies.  Twitter itself functions as a hotbed for random, mostly useless information which distracts and creates compulsive behavior in the human mind.

Many wannabe personal development, social media, and marketing gurus have taken to Twitter, proclaiming themselves “experts” in their chosen fields.  Tens of thousands of these people utilize auto-following bots, and spam techniques in a vain attempt to break through and become a guru themselves.  Because twitter is so easy to join and start posting information,  it has become a hotbed for people who have deluded themselves into believing they are experts.  They have literally taken the advice of bloggers like Chris Guillebeau to “do something positive with your own work.”  In some strange way, it seems many people view the most effective means of doing “something positive” as becoming a guru yourself. This only adds to the pleasurable, narcissistic noise that permeates social networks like Twitter.

Launching Microplaza – Digg over Twitter?

Over the past 2 months I’ve been working with the Knowledge Plaza team to launch a new Twitter service.

This week we launched the beta of MicroPlaza.  The service looks at Twitter and extracts all the shared URLs and presents them as thumbnails with associated tweets.  It does this for your personal timeline as well as the public timelime and will allow you to sort items by popularity or date.  You can read a more concise overview of what we’ve built on SitePoint or ReadWriteWeb.

The idea first came about just before Christmas 08 when a few of the guys realised that Twitter was becoming a kind of discovery engine for finding websites, photos or other web based resources.  We wanted a way to extract these is a visually pleasing way based on your network or the network of a chosen user.  Hence MicroPlaza was built.

I’ve been using the full service for a few weeks now and something interesting is happening.  I find myself heading for MicroPlaza in place of Digg for my dose of news/discovery.  I’m not saying MicroPlaza is going to relace Digg or become as popular (we can hope), but finding new stuff from the people you follow is definately addictive!

Soon I’ll post about the some of the challenges and insights from developing the app.

For now here are some invites!

Social Media Monitoring and Switched on Support

Is your company monitoring what’s being said about your brand/services on the internet?  Are they doing anything when they see a conversation concerning your product or service?

Some are and although I’ve seen a few examples of this lately I just had to mention this one.

I’ve been having some grief with my broadband connection lately and had a bit of a whinge on Twitter about it this morning…

I’m so fed up with my ADSL….it’s back down to 100k today which makes work very hard…PlusNet are not much help, just say it’s a BT issue

A few hours later and a message to me from PlusNet appears in my Twitter stream…

@slgavin, have you got a ticket id so I can take a quick look over your account?

And a few minutes after that…..

@slgavin Found your account (i think), fixed an issue, can you reboot modem or router and speeds should be faster.

And it was fixed!  So how about that for an example of how to monitor and act on conversations taking place about your brand or service!
Kudos and thanks to PlusNet.

Reactions to SharePoint session at the Enterprise 2.0 Conference

Coverage of the SharePoint session at the Enterprise 2.0 Conference on Twitter:

MS guy: “Sharepoint is between major versions, so we can’t do all we want to out of the box”

WTF squared. that Microsoft guy just said its strategy for master data management was to integrate an acquisition into Sharepoint????

MS failing dismally at showing off Sharepoint collab tools. IBM totally ate their lunch.

Watching MS demonstrate SharePoint in an ‘out of the box’ manner…seems very slow and not as intuitive as Lotus Connections

Watching Sharepoint suck … LIVE! … Enterprise 1.1 FTW!

Sharepoint showing old fashioned activity feed: “Send me a portal link when the official HR info about a direct colleague is updated”

This Sharepoint walkthrough makes we want to weep for people in companies where IT are walking zombie-like towards the product. Really.

Ouch!  I think the problem is that Microsoft’s aggressive marketing at the Enterprise 2.0 / online collaboration market is up against some pretty slick solutions from other vendors.  It’s not that SharePoint is bad all round, but they’ve have been pitching it too high and wide.