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A few years ago I was asked to speak at one of the BCS branch meetings on the subject of Enterprise 2.0.  This was my first appearance on the stage covering the topic, but as a result of the presentation below, I was soon asked to speak at conferences such as Office 2.0, Enterprise 2.0 and various other tech conferences.

‘Meet Charlie’ was my take on what Enterprise 2.0 looked like at the time in it’s simplest form.  Things have moved on a lot since then and I’ve even corrected all those spelling and grammar mistakes in a follow up version 🙂


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  21. Christina

    Dear Scott,

    Hope you would also be interested in our up-coming event “Nurturing and Commercializing Online Communities Forum”, which would be held in Shanghai on Nov. 28 and 29, 2007.

    This event could be ranked as the first Chinese Event discussing Web 2.0’s impact on traditional business. Very interesting, we have already attracted several delegates from various industries, some of which we never thought would be interested!

    If you are interested in this event, please e-mail me for more information or give us a call by 0086-21-6229 1717.

    Hope we can meet with you here in Shanghai.

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